Pico Iwagumi 2.5 gal “Dry-Start Method”


  • Mr Aqua 2.5 gal
  • ADA Amazomia soil
  • Small scaping rocks


  • ExoTerra fx-200 canister filter
  • Finnex FugeRay Planted+ LED fixture
  • Glass Lily Pipes & clear acrylic tubing
  • Nano glass ceramic CO2 diffuser
  • Fluval Mini Pressurized CO2 system


  • Eleocharis sp. ’Mini’ Dwarf Hairgrass (Carpet)
  • Staurogyne repens (Accent / focal point)

After I flood the tank and move into the dorms, I’ll pick up a bunch of Neocaridinias as the inhabitants, with some amano shrimp and a few snails too.

Took about 6 total hours, including 3.5 straight hours of planting the DHG.

Tagging fish people, give me advice / critique! I have a while to move the scape around before it grows in. More pics in a few days.

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holy crap i don’t know why you’re tagging me for advice lol this looks better than all my tanks combined.

The only thing I can think of to tell you is make absolutely sure your tank is cycled before you start stocking cause I’ve heard ADA soils leech ammonia for a long time. Also 2.5 gallons is pretty tiny, I know the neocaridinias will be fine but is that big enough for amanos?

Shrimp aren’t legal to keep here so ignore me if I’m wrong lol. I know nothing and I definitely don’t have any shrimp at all whatsoever no sir

Wow, first of all: It looks great! I am a lover of red accents but that’s just taste ;) Maybe you could add some Eriocaulon sp. “Japan Needle Leaf” in the right back corner! I could imagine this may look pretty cool. The Staurogyne repens will be a great focus point – I hope it will become big and bushy! The Eleocharis sp. ’Mini’ must be cut regularly I think or else it will easily look messed up. But I see you own the equipment so I am not worried!

And yes to what farlowella said: Amazonia Soil emits a lot of ammonium in the first weeks, this is deadly for shrimp. I recently translated a long ass article about different soil substrates. There it is said that especially Amazonia soil is highly fertilized because it is originally used in plant only tanks as aquascapes etc. 

And if Amano shrimp, only for a few weeks as algae eaters.
2.5 gal are waaaay too small the big critters. They should be kept from 15 gal upwards. Neocaridinae are fine :) Snails too of course (no big ass apple snails of course lol).

I am looking forward to some more cool pics when the plants are all settled and enjoying their new home! <3 I love the lily pipe and glass ware in general! Great work!!

With a 3.5 gallons, i would throw in some red cherry shrimp. I had two amanos in a 6 gallon and they got so big in it.